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The geographical spread of the Auby (north-east), Viviez (south-west) and Bray-et-Lû (north-west) production sites in France ensures optimum nationwide deliveries.

This system was recently supplemented by new industrial plants in Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia (production plants for zinc, copper, galvanized steel and stainless steel pre-formed products and accessories) and in Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Hungary and Italy (storage centres). With an increasingly international clientele, the large number of sites brings the brand closer to its customers, and improves its quality of service and the efficiency of its shipping logistics.


Production process

  1. Alloying

    The first stage consists of melting the pure metal deposited on the cathodes during the electrolysis process and adding a controlled amount of copper and titanium in a series of induction furnaces to produce a liquid alloy.

  2. Casting

    The liquid metal is then transferred to a continuous casting machine for solidification into a continuous slab, about twelve millimetres thick and approximately a metre wide. The controlled cooling process within the machine produces a fine, homogenous grain structure.

  3. Rolling

    Three to five rolling operations are performed to reduce the slab to the required thickness. Throughout this process, temperature, rolling speed and reduction rate are closely monitored and adjusted to obtain the required mechanical and dimensional characteristics.

  4. Cutting into sheets and coils

    One of the final steps involves cutting the rolled zinc into sheets or coils of the required weight, width and thickness on specialised finishing lines.