Acciona Solar offices and warehouses, Innovation centre, Sarriguren, Navarre (Spain)


Acciona Solar offices and warehouses,Innovation centre, Sarriguren, Navarra (Spain)

For the new offices and warehouses of the Acciona Solar company, which specializes in solar installations, architects Miguel Angel Garaikoetxea Urriza and Pedro Ansa Inglés opted for efficiency with a compact bioclimatic building. 






Architect: Miguel Angel Garaikoetxea Urriza and Pedro Ansa Inglés
Technique: VMZINC® Interlocking panel, Surface aspect: ANTHRA-ZINC®


To the south, the program benefits from a double solar facade which allows it to produce electricity and creates a greenhouse effect to collect heat produced between the two skins. Over 85% of energy requirements are produced by this installation. The three other facades are less complex and alternate zinc cladding and openings: “on the outside, the building looks like an openwork box, formed by horizontal panels of ANTHRA-ZINC®, translucent glass and openings with wooden surrounds that brighten it up and give it a warm, colorful note”, explain the architects.

Architectural choices

“The compactness of the building – a result of the constraints imposed by the plot and urban regulation – is just one of the bioclimatic choices we made for this project.” We wanted to create a balance between spaces exposed to sunlight and blind wall sections, to reduce energy consumption. So we opened the building to the south, with glass, to make the most of accumulated heat in winter. In summer, the glazing is always ventilated. The interior facade is protected from direct sunlight thanks to strips of photovoltaic panels on the facade. ».

Technical focus

The interlocking panel technique was used to further accentuate the compactness of the building. Its monolithic structure is
enhanced by the linearity of the ANTHRA-ZINC® cladding and strips.