School, Percy (France)


School, Percy (France)

“This project goes quite a long way back”, explains Michel Gourion, the architect who designed this extension to house an arts room and a motricity room for the school in Percy. 






Architect: Michel Gourion, Installer: Le Gallet père et fils

Technique: VMZINC® Interlocking panel, VMZINC® Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®


“In 2002, I designed an extension for the pre-school and at the time I used zinc for the roof. I like the material: it is malleable, it feels
like velvet or concrete to touch, it catches the light and provides a dynamic that suits the shape of the buildings.” The school extension is almost entirely covered with a zinc skin. But not quite, because Michel Gourion likes to play with materials: “I opted for solar panels and solid laminate cladding, which echoes the tone of the zinc but has a different layout. The great thing about zinc is that it blends well with a lot of materials.”



Architectural choices

“When designing a building for children, one has to see things from their point of view and avoid stereotypes. I designed this extension like a game of jackstraws, with dynamic, atypical forms”, explains Michel Gourion. The wooden structure of the building and the wood fiber panel insulation contribute to users’ comfort: “the wood provides thermal and acoustic comfort, which is extremely important in a school.” As for the facade: “the zinc dynamizes the forms of the building and provides contrast between
hollow and empty shapes.” 


Technical focus

The architect wanted the photovoltaic solar panels on the facade to appear slightly separate from the structure: “I wanted the panels to look as though they were placed on top of the facade.” This necessitated a specific installation system on the standing seam facade.