Da'an Sports Center, Taipei (Taiwan)


Da’An Sports Complex, Taipei (Taiwan)

Located in the Da’An area of Taipei (Taiwan), this sports center houses two swimming pools, a gym, a basketball court, several badminton courts and a golf practice court. 






Architect: Archasia Design Group, Installer: Chungan Wellsun Co., Ltd
Technique: VMZINC® Standing seam, Surface aspect: QUARTZ-ZINC®


This spots center stands out thanks to its original design combining an assortment of geometric shapes: cylinders, concave and convex forms, and a slightly curved roof. With this variety of forms, the architects at the Archasia Design Group wanted to “use the exterior image of the building to express the functional spaces on the inside of the complex”. The architects also wanted to “integrate the project into its environment, while creating a highly visible architectural concept in the city”. Zinc was perfect to convey this expression and give coherence to the program as a whole.


Regulatory constraints

In order to comply with stringent seismic regulations, the building has a steel structure. Fire regulations require metal cladding systems to be protected. To meet this requirement, a first layer of metal cladding was installed and the zinc cladding was laid on top of it. As a result, the cladding system is not ventilated, which led to the choice of QUARTZ-ZINC® PLUS, which has a protected underside.



Technical focus 

The architects opted for the standing seam technique, having initially considered combining it with flatlock panels. This technical choice made two things possible: a perfectly watertight envelope and - despite the variety of forms - uniform cladding of the building. “The malleability of zinc also made it easier to work on the different shapes.” The oblique layout of the standing  seam facade made things rather tricky for the installers, especially when it came to installing the zinc panels on the lower part of the curved facade.