Abdoun fashion atrium, Amman (Jordan) 

The Abdoun Fashion Atrium shopping centre is designed to celebrate the meeting of architecture and fashion, playing on fluidity, vitality and dynamics.

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Impluvium Sociocultural centre, Reinosa (Spain)

In 1882, as in many Spanish towns, a market square was built in the centre of Reinosa. This metal and timber building symbolised the renewal of this Cantabrian town.

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Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Los Angeles, California (USA)

The new Madame Tussauds wax museum in Los Angeles caused quite a surprise. This highly sought after site was earmarked for an office building. “The original concept was abandoned and we took over at the client’s request. We proposed a museum designed to be as attractive as the works it
would exhibit, likely to attract one million visitors a year.”

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Extension of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo (Portugal)

The Maritime Museum of Ílhavo was opened in 1937 on the initiative of private investors. In 2001, it was renovated and extended by the architects from the ARX studio, who were invited again in 2010 to create a seawater aquarium for cod. This fish is often considered as the main ingredient in Portuguese cooking and is a key part of the country's culture, which explains the extension of the museum. It could be considered as a local fish as the last remaining trawlers that still fish cod in the northern seas are based in the Ílhavo region.

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Hillmaru Golf Club House in Donghoo, Changnyoung (South Korea)

Golf is as popular as ever in Asia. South Korea is ranked among the world leaders of this sport, especially for women’s golf (36 champions in the top 100 in 2011). Private classes are widespread here and produce the best players. Each new Korean victory in international championships sees new hopefuls heading to the greens. 


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SA Water Head Office, Adelaide (Australia)

For its new headquarters, SA Water wanted a sustainable workplace reflecting the values of transparency, flexibility and innovation that characterize this leading water treatment company.

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"Les terrasses du Rocher", Saint Malo (France)

Just a stone's throw from the historic centre of Saint-Malo, a leading tourist destination in France's Brittany region, an apartment building has just been built on land that had formerly been the site of a printing shop.

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CMC Biologics Headquarters, Søborg (Denmark)

For this building, which is the first stage of the new CMC Biologics headquarters in Copenhagen, Danish architects Holsøe Arkitekter had a dual objective: “Create a work place that is pleasant, active and busy while at the same time conveying a strong, dynamic image for this  biotechnologies company.”

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Dental surgery, Best (Netherlands)

A double-sloped roof placed on top of a cube: these few words sum up what seems to correspond best to the concept of a house in the western world.

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Individual Housing, Grimbergen (Belgium)

Extending the old with the new: for centuries, architecture was all about re-use, until abundance of materials made recycling and recovery obsolete.

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