Offices adjoining the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain)

The new offices of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena are located in a building whosehistory is  inseparable from that of the Antiguo Penal de Presidarios y Esclavos. 

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LC & ESSP project (Learning Commons and Exercise Science and Sports Precinct) at Victoria University, Melbourne (Australia)

“This university campus is like a small town inhabited by students. The new building redefines the edge of this “town” as did the walls of a roman city”, explains John Wardle, the architect and designer of this new learning space in the physical and sports education precinct of Victoria University. 

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Shambala home, Budapest (Hungary)

The Shambala Home website opens with a dedication to a prestigious line of jewellery watches. This is the perfect key to decipher this project that went out of its way to provide its residents with total elegance and a luxurious touch of baroque. 

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921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan, Wufeng (Taiwan)

On 21 September 1999, a violent earthquake shook the centre of the island of Taiwan, causing widespread human and material damage. Ten years later, this catastrophe is still uppermost in peoples’ minds. 

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Instituto tecnologico de los juguetes, Ibi, Alicante (Spain)

This project for the extension of the AIJU Institute of Technology laboratories in Alicante, Spain, is a perfect example of harmonious blending of a pre-existing building with a new extension covered in zinc.   

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Villa, Carquefou (France)

At a first glance, this hybrid building seems like a traditional farmhouse or barn. It is in fact a private house, discreetly integrated into a small rural town on the outskirsts of Nantes.

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Yin Long Bay Impression in Jining (China)

Just like a village!

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"Horizinc” cultural center, Bouvron (France)

The Bouvron cultural center has one important distinguishing feature: “the building is named... after zinc! Horizinc is a mix between concrete and zinc” explains the project architect, Michel Roulleau. 


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Novira Plaza offices, Tallinn (Estonia)

Since the independence of Estonia, Tallinn has reemerged as the capital. Immediately next to its historic centre, perched on a hill overlooking the city, skyscrapers are springing up like mushrooms. 


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Acciona Solar offices and warehouses,Innovation centre, Sarriguren, Navarra (Spain)

For the new offices and warehouses of the Acciona Solar company, which specializes in solar installations, architects Miguel Angel Garaikoetxea Urriza and Pedro Ansa Inglés opted for efficiency with a compact bioclimatic building. 

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