Novira Plaza offices, Tallinn (Estonia)

Since the independence of Estonia, Tallinn has reemerged as the capital. Immediately next to its historic centre, perched on a hill overlooking the city, skyscrapers are springing up like mushrooms. 


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Acciona Solar offices and warehouses,Innovation centre, Sarriguren, Navarra (Spain)

For the new offices and warehouses of the Acciona Solar company, which specializes in solar installations, architects Miguel Angel Garaikoetxea Urriza and Pedro Ansa Inglés opted for efficiency with a compact bioclimatic building. 

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The Caulfield House, Melbourne (Australia)

The daring design of this house plays on variations in volumes, clear shapes and the use of durable  materials, both raw and refined, and provides a sound balance between the street and the  surrounding buildings. 

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Regional blood donation centre, Coimbra (Portugal)

In Portugal, the blood donation network was reorganised around four regional hubs. The ARX architecture firm designed two donation centres: one in Porto and one in Coimbra, a small city in the centre of the country. The new modern building houses services and laboratories formerly located in confined premises in the city's hospital.

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Apartment building "Hanover House", Bradford (UK)

Roof extensions usually create two problems for architects: the first is technical in nature as the extension must be compatible with the existing structure; the second is a question of aesthetics.

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School, Percy (France)

“This project goes quite a long way back”, explains Michel Gourion, the architect who designed this extension to house an arts room and a motricity room for the school in Percy. 

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Accommodation and offices, Courtrai (Belgium)

Activities change, buildings remain. Hidden from view by its former manager's house, a disused dressmaking workshop in Courtrai stood out like a “sore thumb” for inhabitants overlooking the centre of the block. Walls made from concrete blocks, saw-tooth roofs reminiscent of an outdated industrial world, the old workshop seemed to have no visible quality, except for Caroline Vanbiervliet, an associate of Stéphanie Breughe at the Klarté architecture firm. 

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Da’An Sports Complex, Taipei (Taiwan)

Located in the Da’An area of Taipei (Taiwan), this sports center houses two swimming pools, a gym, a basketball court, several badminton courts and a golf practice court. 

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Principal Riverwalk Pavilion and Pump Station, Des Moines, Iowa (USA)

The city of Des Moines, Iowa, in the United States has no shortage of river banks: the city was founded at the confluence of the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers. Three bridges on the city's flag depict the strong presence of water.

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Myamyn street residence, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) 

The Myamyn house has two faces: on the street side it is a Victorian house built in 1880 that is perfectly integrated into this late 19th-century residential neighbourhood in the Melbourne suburbs. 

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