Monash University Learning and Teaching Building, Clayton (Australia)

Down the years, the John Wardle Architects (JWA) firm developed a taste for designing university campuses. Five years ago, it completed the remarkable School of Design in Melbourne — a school of architecture. With the Monash University Learning and Teaching Building, it refined and amplified its vision of architecture for education and academia.

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The Bull Pub, Bracknell, Berkshire (UK)

As part of the “Lexicon” mixed-use urban renovation programme aiming to revitalise the town centre of Bracknell, in Berkshire, Piper Whitlock Architecture Ltd (Winchester) was entrusted with the renovation and extension of the Bull Pub.

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Hilfiger - Woolworth Shopping centre, Osnabrück (Germany)

The new commercial building designed by architects Wannenmacher + Möller GmbH follows the curve of the Große Straße, a city-centre pedestrian street in Osnabrück.

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“Vista Magna” residential complex, Valladolid (Spain)

Located in the Parquesol neighbourhood in Valladolid, the “Vista Magna” residential complex offers a unique panoramic view over the city centre and the Pisuerga River.

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The Metropolitan Lofts, Morristown (USA)

50 kilometres west of New York, Morristown is one of a number of towns that have been boosted by the increase in property prices in the Big Apple. Manhattan is less than an hour’s drive away and there are 75-minute train links to Pennsylvania Station. Morristown does not just offer affordable rents.

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Private house, Hamois (Belgium)

The house built in the Walloon countryside by the LR architecture firm for one of its associates complies with regional urban planning specifications, which encourage “promoting contemporary buildings and considering present-day designs as the heritage of the future.”

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Craftsmanship hub, Aubervilliers (France)

Transforming the urban fabric while preserving the trace of its history: this is the objective achieved by the Badia Berger Architectes firm, which designed the Cité artisanale (Craftsmanship hub) in Aubervilliers.

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"Imperial" Health center in Madrid (Spain)

In a protected environment in the historic center of Madrid, the “Imperial” health center features all the characteristics of a responsible building: low energy consumption, management of passive solar gains, and accessibility to all departments… For this project that is “isolated in an open space”, the architects benefited from ideal urban conditions: “we had total freedom with regards to the design of the project and its layout on the plot.”


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Kennedy Town swimming pool, Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong has to make a place for itself between sea and mountains to construct its buildings. Everything is considered to reconcile growth and shortage of land. When vertical densification, burying infrastructures under hills, taking land back from the sea are not possible, programmatic acrobatics can be a solution.

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Optus Stadium in Perth (Australia)

The Optus Stadium, a key element in a vast rehabilitation project to the east of Perth’s city-centre, in Western Australia, was designed jointly by the Hassel Studio, Cox Architecture and HKS Architects firms.

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